I am a minister in San Antonio, Texas.  I am committed to sharing the Gospel despite my brokenness.  In Christ there is a new creation.

Love God.  Love People.  That’s the core of my faith.

I’m doing this Lenten fast as a personal journey.  Not to promote myself, my church, or any other organization.  I am only interesting in learning more about homelessness, serving others, and intentional prayer.  To God be the glory.  I am nothing without him.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Praying everyone who follows your journey will grow more like Christ. With an open heart we will see Jesus. God bless you and protect you.

  2. Wow, Gavin! This is a really neat Lenten journey you’re on. I’m praying you may learn a lot about homelessness and serving. Praying for you and all whom you meet. Thanks for writing this blog too!

  3. Just learned what you are doing, Gavin. This takes real courage and commitment. I commend you! I pray that the things you experience and learn will bless your life and enrich your ministry. Praying also for your safety!

  4. Wow!!! I have never met a Baptist minister like you! What chutzpah and such agape for the peopke that Yeshua (Jesus) loved. The story “SUIT” reminded me of myself as I am approaching homelessness ( a looming possibility) and I have two Masters but have a panacopia of medical conditions.It has gotten to either 1) pay for meds (don’t qualify for programs :- ( (!!!!) 2)food and shelter. I am a former pastor.Ironically. my family has $$$$ but my faith in Messiah has caused a rift.

  5. Gavin, I’m so proud of you and I know the Lord will use you and your experience to further His kingdom. Continue to color outside the box and let the Holy Spirit lead you. There are a few of us old people who would like to have the health to be able to help more of the homeless. I’m asking the Lord to open doors for me to use the skills He has given me to improve the health of some of the Blacks and Hispanics in SA, or to teach them beginning computers.
    Thank you for the way you are a servant leader and a wonderful role model for young people and me. Blessings

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