New: Lent 2013

40 Days of Trinity: 
The 2013 Lenten season will be a lot different than last years journey of homelessness.
This year, I have committed myself to meet with 40 different members or couples from my church and write down their stories on my personal blog   Some of 5586990988_cf9ea231bb_zthese people went through wars, depressions, the civil rights movement, church corruption, family trials, and great success.

Last year I stressed “Humanizing Your Neighbor” above all.   And for me that was learning to walk alongside my unhoused neighbors near my home and church in Downtown San Antonio, Texas.  However, it hit me this year…have I been loving my church parishioners the same way I have been loving the “out the church walls.”   I think many of them would agree that was true.   So…I wanted to find out more.   Here are their stories.


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