Guidelines for 2012 Lenten Journey

I am giving up my home for lent.  That is my visible lenten discipline.  However the real hope of my lenten sojourn is to connect to a community in my city that I and the church often negelects (even in charity) and fears.   The Homeless.   Who are the homeless.
That is the main question.

Basic Rules to follow:
Rule #1 – I must live outside during the Lenten Season (Feb. 22-April 8th).
Rule #2 – I must keep car at work and only use it for work purposes.
Rule #3 – I must ride VIA to any other location that is not work related.
Rule #4 – I cannot use any of my house amenities during lent.
Rule #5 – I have a limited amount of money to spend each day.

(I am attending a Church Youth Retreat March 14-18, 2012…but I am sleeping at a church and on the Amtrak Train)

When I write about specific people I have changed the name, places, and any personal information about him or her that could jeopardize their privacy.  This is not to alter the story for any advantage…and I will be truthful in my adaptions.  Thanks for understanding.


17 thoughts on “Guidelines for 2012 Lenten Journey

  1. God will be holding you His Everlasting Arms, and I will be lifting you up in prayer every day of your journey. IThessalonians 1:2-3.

  2. Will be following you and praying for a safe, prosperous journey that will be able to bless others…you just popped up on Claudia’s FB…thrilled to read this and can’t wait to see what God has in store, I hope and pray we are all ready for it. Hmm…you got me thinkin’ what might I give up…tell me Gavin…how did you decide on being “homeless” for 40 days?

  3. Gavin, it amazes me each time I hear your name about the wonderful works you are doing for God! We always thought you were a special little boy growing up at ORN/SWCC but I love seeing God at work in your life now! I can’t wait to follow along on your journey the next 40 days. I’m praying for you!!!

  4. Gavin, we will be following you with our hearts, prayers and thoughts. You seem to be the type to deflect praise away from yourself…but what a true inspiration you are!

  5. Gavin
    You are doing great things in the name of Christ. I just read about your student trip to St Louis and have been following your lenten journey. Proud to call you brother and friend!!!! You inspire me to be more like Christ.

  6. I stumbled onto your blog from, and found so much encouragement from your own words and your scripture selections. I wish you good luck on the last two days of your journey.

  7. I have a heart to minister to the broken as well as for a decade I was angry and bitter with G_D and backslid, so I have a speacial heart and sensitivity towards the backslidden. I’ve been there and done that but the Almighty can restore! The Scriptures you posted are on target. Ever read a book called RICH CHRISTIANS IN A POOR WORLD? (more or less) I think the athor is Shnider.

  8. “Who are you to judge another man`s servant?In his masters eyes he stands or falls”. Your perception, but then again, a man’s heart is deceptive above all things. Many “blogs” are written depending on the individual’s feelings. It is the truth that sets us free. It interests me that when the scriptures state that a follower of Christ must follow the authority that is placed upon him, yet when guests are told that taking pictures is prohibited in the said shelter, it must have slipped your mind. Nonetheless, I pray that the “experience” has humbled you. Let the man sell all possessions and follow Christ, or did Jesus stated to fake it, slander, and go back to your humble-abode. Lord Bless.

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