Back Home…

I am back in my home.
Laying in my bed.
And I can’t sleep.

Other than my dog…it’s extremely quiet around here.

Almost too quiet.

It seems so strange to be back. I was always outdoors. Out in the open. Now I’m in a box of a room. It seems so small. Yet it’s big.

But I’m not going to lie. The bed is awesome.

Attending Easter lunch at Jesse’s house was fantastic. It was great to see his family and learn more about his life.

For dinner, Jesse, my parents, and my local friends had dinner at my place. I thought it might be awkward to have both come together. But it was amazing.

God bridges those gaps when we allow him to…

Here’s the reality.

I got to go home to a bed.

Over 3,500 people tonight did not have a Lenten timetable to be on the streets.

It seems wrong. Was it a simulation?

I hope not.


3 thoughts on “Back Home…

  1. i thought about you a lot today and how that transition back was going to be. your eyes have been opened in ways i’m sure you weren’t entirely prepared for. still lifting you up in prayer Gav…

  2. Praise God you are safely home. Thanks for the blogs. I’m sure we all learned a lot of lessons as we followed your journey. Now, enjoy this week!

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