So… it finally happened.

I went to jail!

It was a crazy past week. I knew something like this would happen.

And it did!

My friend, Robert, was arrested and went to jail for trespassing early this week. (The same crime I got a warning for on Monday), but he found himself in the Bexar County Jail.

With a $1000 Bail.

Huge bummer. He has to stay there until his hearing.

Then it turns to me…

After Church…I went to visit Robert in jail. I had to go to jail.

I needed to go…he could have been me.


Going to jail…even visiting is a scary site.

Hopefully,  I will never have to go in a cop car!

Did I have you fooled?
It’s April 1st.

(But seriously…Robert is stuck there. The good news is that his liver can lay off the Vodka! Pray for him. I can’t wait to see him again.)


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