I attend and minister at a really nice church. We have a gorgeous sanctuary, an education building, a children’s center, a creative life center, a community center, a coffee shop, a women’s shelter, and YMCA…


We are beyond blessed.
Sometimes we forget how blessed we are.

20120326-202905.jpgRecently when our youth group was in St. Louis, we drove past a part of town that was totally abandoned. Blocks upon blocks were empty, houses were destroyed and abandoned, and businesses and churches shut down. The area looked like a town after the Second World War. It was an astonishing site to see.

Somewhere on Salisbury Street, we drove past a large beautiful cathedral…About the same size as our church. It was massive. However, when we took a closer look at the church,   we realized it was shut down and destroyed.

Honestly, it seemed as if it was bombed in a war.There were holes in the roof, the stained glass windows were shatterd and broken, and the walls were crumbling. How could this be? This place was once a thriving place of worship. No, it’s nothing but ruins in a dead part of the city? Were we in St. Louis or Rome?

What is church?

A few weeks ago, I blogged about how a terrible storm went through South Texas and the San Antonio Region. I wrote about the experience in the blog called “Storm.” As I mentioned in the blog, a tornado touched down in Divine, TX and destroyed many houses and buildings (including one of our custodial workers sister’s home.) The tornado also destroyed a local church. The church is called Faith Tabernacle Full Gospel Church.

Here is a picture of them worshiping this past Sunday morning…standing on the foundation after the debris was cleared away.

They have no building to go to…but they are still worshiping the God they Love!

Similar to my friends at Church Under The Bridge in Waco, Texas….they have no building…but that does not stop them from worshiping the Lord under a bridge. Only difference….My friends in Waco don’t even desire a building!

Here are four churches I have observed during lent…

One has a huge facility for thousands …and has only hundreds attend.
One has a beautiful cathedral that has been abandoned…no one to worship.
One has no building…but has plenty of people to attend.
One has no desire for a building and meets under a bridge with many…..Worshipers.

What is church?

How do we balance our material desires over and above the importance of authentic worship?

Just a thought.


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