• 25,000 people in San Antonio experience homelessness during each year in San Antonio.
  • Between 3,500 and 4,500 individuals experience homelessness each night in San Antonio.
  • 25% of the homeless are children, half of which are under age 5.
  • Family homelessness in Texas has increased 15.9% since 2008.
  • 23% of the homeless are Veterans.
  • 60% of the homeless experience severe substance abuse and/or mental illness.

4 thoughts on “Facts

  1. Seeing these stats, I think also about the number of people in our prisons. So many prisoners have limitations placed on them because of their records so that when they are released there are many roadblocks that prevent them from getting back on their feet. Numerous employers won’t hire prior felons so getting a job with prior felony is VERY challenging. Many don’t have an ID when they leave prison – (getting an ID is unfortunately a very tedious and difficult process that faces many homeless). Reacclimating to life outside of prison can be difficult and finding one’s bearings with little social support is understandably a huge challenge that I would not want to face alone. I think of John Wesley’s call to visit those in prison and this translates to me that we are also to have compassion for those whom we encounter outside of prison with prior records rather than discriminating against them. Too often we discriminate rather than care. Additionally the number of prisoners with mental illness is staggering. Too many people end up in prison as a result of poorly treated mental health issues and lack of mental health resources in the community. Gavin, have you found yourself encountering many who speak about legal histories that create difficulties for them now?

  2. Also, many characterize those who are mentally ill as being more violent and dangerous and as a group to be feared. I came across a study that helped challenge my view on that. It found that people with mental illness are more likely to be victims of crime rather than perpetrators. Interesting, huh? They can be a vulnerable population. Too often we focus on the risk of them committing crimes rather than an awareness of their vulnerability to be the victim.

  3. do you have a charity you recommend readers give to? this could be a great tool for people to learn about your experiences, be inspired to help out, and make meaningful gifts towards organizations that you feel do work to help those who need it?

    • I will look into that. Another follower recommended a similar suggestion…(about creating a list of items homeless people regularly need.) I will think about it more and create a post later on… Thanks!

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