The first night I mentioned the noises you hear when you sleep outside in the city.  The trains, sirens, traffic, talking, laughing, screaming, fighting…etc.  However, there is one more sound that has made the top of the list…

The Cough.
Like in cough, cough…I have a cold.

Coughing due to sickness, the weather, and/or the cigarette smoke.  It’s all around.  And very concerning….morning, day and night.

In the outdoor shelter there are hundreds of homeless citizens living within the gates.  People of all different ages, races, and gender.  They get sick just like the rest of us.  But many of the homeless don’t have the common medical resources many of us receive at home or our doctor’s office.   Now, there are medical clinics that reach out to the homeless but I don’t know all the regulations or if these clinics are fully utilized by all the people….I guess I need to find out.

It is fair to say that at any given moment someone is always coughing…it’s a constant sound.  Some of the coughs seem really bad, long, and chronic.  It makes me cringe every time I hear the sound.

I know this is a strange topic to be blogging about but I feel I need to be writing about all angles of my experience and the topic has been on my mind lately because just 2 days ago…I started to cough.  And it’s not a good feeling at all.   Even though I now feel a small connection to the other people who are suffering with a cough.

I am not looking for pity…I knew it was part of the deal when I signed up for this kind of experience.  (And I have friends looking out for me!) However, it has made me realize how many people on the streets are really sick and need major medical help.

In the end, I know that I will be okay…because I have health insurance from my work.  If something bad happens here…I am covered.  This is only a Lenten journey and simulation.  I have a fall back.

It just bothers me that in 34 days my cough will be gone but the coughing will still continue for many all around the city streets after Easter morning.

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