46 Days

The Second Sunday of Lent is here.  We are making our way to Gethsemane….and we have 35 more days to go.

35 days left…but its been 11 days?    FYI…the Lenten season is really 46 days long.  I keep forgetting that fact.   And did not remember till recently.  (Sundays are considered “mini-Easters” and the church does not include these days in the Lenten Calendar.  However, I have decided to include these days and will continue my fast.   I am leading a youth trip on a Discipleship Retreat  March 14-18 and I will be away from San Antonio…so I have 4 days to give.  However…we are riding a train…so it’s definitely not my home…  (www.puslestudents.com)

Having Bryan in town to witness part of the fast was great.  I hope he had a good time meeting my friends and learning more about homelessness in San Antonio.  Bryan told me to keep writing about my direct interactions and stories regardless of the image.  I told him I would…so this next week all I will write about is my direct interactions and journey.

It was 39 degrees last night…the coldest night yet.   But my sleeping bag keeps me warm.

Have a great Sunday!  -gavin


3 thoughts on “46 Days

  1. Dear Gaven I really would like to know where you are working. I was visiting midtown on Navarro and suffered a bad fall this past Nov. a couple of the fellows who live on the streets and hang out at the park, ran to my rescue and picked me up and comforted me. It was a moving experience……it pleased me beyond almost anything I have experienced.
    I want you to call A. Baker Duncan who offices in the big building on the WEST SIDE of the park. Your life in the ministry will grow with his encouragement……His service as a Presbyter is unmatched…………oel

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