Whiskey River

I am beginning to make some really good friends along my journey.  It’s definitely the best part of the experience.

A few nights ago I was leading Pulse at the Point and Skate Church on Wednesday night and ran into a man named William in our community center.  He has been homeless for 20 years and said he camps out in and around San Antonio.  He asked me for some assistance and I said I would walk with him to the outdoor shelter when church was over.  I told him I was staying there and he stared right back at me with such a confused look on his face.  “You sleep there?” he asked.  “For now” I told him.  After some more small talk, he said he has heard about the place…but had never been there.  I really did not know if he would wait until I was done working.

After Wed. night church was over I found William once again and we went to grab some hot dogs at a local stand near our community center before making our way to the shelter.  William makes some money sweeping driveways at local businesses in town and barley makes ends meet.  His struggle with homelessness has not been easy.

After we ate we had to walk some distance to the bus stop that takes us to the outdoor shelter.  This is when I learned something interesting….some people in the homeless community do not enjoy walking long distances but stay in their local community most (if not all) of the time.  William said he was not a fan of walking that much but said that he was okay with it because I was “showing him the ropes.”  I thought that was funny…because he really was showing me the ropes.

Half way to the bus stop we stopped to take a break and William had to use the restroom and eat another hot dog.  He told me, “I love you homeboy…but we need to slow down and I need to eat this dang hot dog…I’m still hungry and need to fill my stomach”  He was nice and frustrated all at the same time.  This is when I became worried that we would miss the bus and not make curfew.  So I had the choice to leave him or stay.  (This is when I realized I was not fully connecting with some of the homeless lifestyle…I had to pray for patience.)

I chose to stay and wait.  It was hard to do.  After our break William began singing old country and western songs like “On the Road Again” and “Hey Good Looking.”  You might think this sounds cliche and so did I…but he was really into the songs.  So I sang along.  Then he got to “Whiskey River.”  I became really excited… because that’s one of my favorite songs. After he sang the song I told him that Johnny Bush (the person who wrote the song) attends our church and helped lead worship in our Sanctuary Service a few weeks ago.  (See my facebook page.)  He thought I was pulling his leg…there was nothing I could say to prove it…so we just kept on waking and singing the song.

After some time we made to our bus stop.  William sat on the bench and smoked a used cigarillo he scored from another friend.  He was glad to sit down.  William had doubts about going to the outdoor shelter but he chose to continue on when the bus finally arrived.

We made it back just before curfew and William had to get screened before he could enter the area.  When he was finally made it in the gates he told me that I needed to stay close because this experience was like “being lost in a jungle” because the place was so crowded with people.  He was not used to sleeping outside with that many people in one area.  We grabbed our mats and fell quickly to sleep after we talked for a few more minutes.  William was tired…and so was I.

The next morning William had to go get fully checked in so I waited until he completed this step.  After he was done we parted ways and he told me he was going to stay in the area to eat lunch and dinner.  I hoped that was going to be true.  I then went off to work on the VIA bus.

When I returned around 5:45pm I thought William would be gone after he had enough meals and rest.  But just when I got to my spot I saw him with dinner in hand, new clothes, and blankets sitting outside.  (A friend of his was staying at the shelter too and hooked him up with some swag.)  It made my day to see him still there, with new clothes, a full stomach, and rested.

We slept side to side again the next night.  It’s good to have a friend like him around.  I hope he stays longer.

3 thoughts on “Whiskey River

  1. i feel so blessed to be on this journey with you…it may not feel like i am with you, but you and your new friends and experiences are definitely with me this lent. i pray for you everyday, gavin. your depth and the way you are so clearly articulating your story is extremely moving. i hope you enjoy the next couple of nights introducing an old friend to the new friends you have made. i’ll look forward to hearing about y’alls time together. may god’s peace continue to be in you and around you. love, stacy

  2. We are loving reading your blog everyday. It is amazing. Praying God keeps you safe. Love, David and Nancy

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