It rained.

I knew it would happen sometime during the 40 days despite South Texas still managing a sizable drought.  Over the last few weeks the rain has slowly returned and the Spring weather has brought a few rain showers with the shift of seasons.  (It could rain for the remaining 35 days and we still would need more water to get Texas back to normal!)  So last night…the clouds developed just enough to rain and soak the outdoor sleeping area.

My bag got wet, part of my sleeping bag, and clothes.

Not having your own place to go to when it rains is very dehumanizing.  Normally I would go home, turn on the TV, cook some soup, or take a nap in my bed.  That could not happen.  I was at the mercy of outside forces and other people.

Rain.  Not the best situation for the homeless.

I hate getting wet and not having a place to get dry.  I know it sounds silly, but it reminds me of working at summer camp and getting wet on a hiking trip in Durango, Colorado…but this is not camp.  It’s real life.

However, there was a silver lining hidden in nighttime cumulus.  When it rains and the outdoor area becomes unusable for the homeless to sleep there (for those without cover), they are allowed to sleep on the floor in a large gym attached to another adjacent homeless shelter.  Same mat, same hard floor, more crammed with people, but there is a roof over your head!  Not a bad night.  And the best part about it….no train horns!

It could have been the best night of sleep yet if it weren’t for the wake up call……at 5am. (It’s normally 6:30…but when it rains, and you sleep in the cafeteria of another shelter, you  have to get out of there much earlier to clean up and be ready for breakfast…)  I wonder how my homeless friends camping in the woods manage rainy nights?  It can’t be as simple.

By the way, there is not much to do on the streets at 5am.  Pretty dead.  Luckily I get to go to my youth group’s weekly breakfast and devotional today at 7am…so I got on the VIA bus at 5:30am, arrived at the church at 6am, and checked this blog.  I’m lucky to have this job.

Many people don’t and are back in the rain.


6 thoughts on “Rain

  1. rainy days are always what makes me more mindful of those without shelter. for some reason i think even when it’s cold you can bundle up and maybe find a generous person to give enough for a cup of coffee…but rain…your clothes, your bag, your mat…all that getting wet…uncomfortable. good to know that some places open up their doors for those experiencing homelessness to sleep in a dry place. may we all find ways to be so compassionate. thanks for keeping us mindful gavin…maybe after having our awareness raised by you for 40days we will figure out ways to be more active in our own communities. love you.

  2. Thanks for letting us in on your journey. We are keeping our eyes/hearts on you. Just wanted you to know. Your granddad always said he had webbed feet from living in south Texas so long, so stay dry if you can 😉 David and Nancy

  3. I am so excited about your blog. I have a homeless ministry in Cleveland, Ohio and am going to follow your blog. I don’t think too many people understand the true plight of the homeless. I did what you are doing for a couple days and that was enough for me. I can’t imagine what God is going to do in your life because of this effort. 🙂 I will be praying for you. May God bless you as you become one of “the least of these” and gain new perspective, seeing through His eyes. May we all learn because of your willingness to humble yourself and bring new insights into the struggles that countless endure daily. Thanks for doing and sharing this!

  4. Hi Gavin, I just spent a few minutes and caught up on your last few days. What an amazing journey you have embarked on. Thank you for allowing us to share in your experiences through this blog. You are a remarkable young man and the Morrow’s are praying for your safety every day. Keep shining for Jesus and I know he will protect you and bless you beyong measure! Joshua 1:9 🙂
    Matt, Tiffeny, Luke and Robyn Morrow

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