Night 2 was interesting.  In a way it was bi-polar.  In a way it was the same.

After waking up at 6:30am by loud trains and the sunrise I rode the VIA bus to work, took a shower at our YMCA, went to a San Antonio Youth Ministers meeting, and then back to work.  It felt all too normal.  Am I really homeless?

In the evening I attended a Pastoral Staff function where one of our kindest church members, The Harrison’s, gave the Pastoral Staff great seats to the San Antonio Livestock Show and Rodeo.  This family is amazing.  They are involved in our church, they are funny, and they know how to have a good time!  The problem was me…I only had 8 dollars to spend for food that day.  At the AT&T Center concession stand…that’s tough.  I got some really crazy looks from my staff when I told them I could not eat past my limit.  They felt concerned.  They felt bad.  They wanted to feed me.  It was awkward.  (Nothing is worse than a pious minister during lent.)

So we lived in that tension.

Robert Potter and others gave me some peanuts.  I felt that was okay.  And actually kept a few for later in the night!  Am I really homeless?

Alan Jackson played a good concert.  All the good classics.  From the 9/11 Ballad to “Chattahoochee.”   It was good to sit next the Harrison’s listening to good ole country music.  In Texas, country music has no economic boundaries.  Both the poor and the rich like a good ole country beat.

Alan ended past 10:00pm…which is not unusual for a concert.  However, it is when the safe homeless area in San Antonio closes it’s gate at 10:00pm.  I missed my chance for a safe night sleep outside.  So I had to find a place to crash.  I looked at one building…it was way to bright.  I looked at another…it was crazy damp.   So I finally crashed in a dark corner of a building and fell asleep.  It was 85 degrees when I went to bed…it was 48 when I awakened.  Not too bad…but cold enough to keep waking up because of the temperature change and the cold front wind.  Every time I heard the wind blow the leaves on the ground I thought it was rain and got worried about getting wet.

From Rodeo to the side of the road.  Kinda Bi-Polar…but it ended the same way.  6:30 sunrise.